In the Terms and Conditions explained below, the term Client refers your business and the term ‘We’, ‘Our Company’ or ‘Developer’ represents us. By deciding to develop a website with Our Company you accept the following terms and conditions. Please make sure to read the terms properly and feel free to ask us in case of any confusion or reject our offer otherwise.
  1. Domain Registration: The registration of .np domains is free while international extensions like .com, .net, .biz etc. must be renewed every year. The documents provided by the Client for the domain registration must be authentic and owned personally or through a registered organization. The Client must make the yearly renewal payments on time in order to avoid to lose it.
  2. Website Setup and Customization: The website will be setup on WordPress under a standard hosting environment under the Developer’s or third party server. Those files can be only accessed and customized by the Developers and no exceptions will be made. The Developers will not entertain any request to provide any access or backup to any other third party company / designer / programmer or the Client itself during or after the setup.
  3. Hosting: Hosting services are provided by third party servers where the scripts / files are placed in order to run the website properly. No access will be provided in such instances. However, if the Client decides to continue with the hosting without setup; the files / scripts by the Developers will be removed from the server and the username and the password will be provided to the Client. Once the files are removed, the website will no longer work and has to setup new website. The Developers are not responsible to restore the files / scripts or the website once removed.
  4. Ownership: The domain remains as an intellectual property of the Client and contents provided by the Client shall be considered as the Client’s property too. The server used for hosting is available on rental basis virtually where the Developers shall place and run their scripts for a proper functioning of the website. The scripts used to setup the website and its features will include third party services, software as a services, resources and codes that remain to be their own intellectual assets unless the Client states any specific requirements like development platform or development of custom codes.  Hence, access to such resources through cPanel or backups will not be provided without any exceptions.
  5. Transfer: Websites cannot be transferred to any other domain owned by the Client, hosts, servers or its sister concerns.
  6. Payment Terms: A down payment of 50% of the total amount must be paid in order to setup the website and start customization. Rest of the payment must be made within 7 business days of delivery. Failure to do so, the Client must provide a cheque with one week of due date and manage the funds in the bank account to clear it.
  7. Cancellation: Any part of the payment made is non-refundable & the order placed for setup, customization, feature upgrade etc. cannot be cancelled. Hence, full compensation must be made.
  8. Contents: The Client as the owner of the website is responsible to provide the contents like texts and images. Developers may use dummy contents as placeholders and launch the website with Client's permission. The Client must be responsible to check, suggest changes and request removal of inaccurate information and copyrighted contents to avoid any financial or intellectual loss.
  9. Renewals: The Client will be responsible to pay the yearly renewal charges for the hosting and domain on time. To avoid any miscommunication the developers shall call to the authorized personal on phone or mobile to notify and verify the Clients acknowledgement. However, if the Client cannot be reached such notices will be delivered through email and the Developers will not be responsible for any miscommunications caused in such cases.
  10. Maintenance and Upgrades: The Client must state about the requirements about the upgrades and pay once the work is confirmed.
  11. Approvals and Revisions: The turnaround time for the approvals of any customization, upgrades or revision is 2 business days. Any revision or additional work means more effort with more time spent on its development. Hence, the amount will be billed separately in case the Client changes their requirement or add additional work.
  12. Technical Support: The Developers are not responsible to make changes once the project is delivered and any support regarding emails, content management, troubleshooting etc. will be billed separately.
  13. Suspension / Termination: It is the responsibility of the Client to make timely payments and we are not responsible for any loss caused due to suspension or termination of the account including penalties, loss of revenue or intellectual properties. A written notification will be sent 2 business days earlier as a final notice before suspension.
We respect your business and expect the same from your employees, staffs, team members and co-ordinates involved in development process. However, we are conscious about our integrity as well. Hence, we do not like pressurizing the Clients for business. You are welcome to reject our offer as of now and welcome back in the future. And kindly keep your payments firm and on time to avoid any interruptions.
Developer’s Introduction
Live with Dreams is owned and operated by Feedsmandu Studios Pvt. Ltd., having its registered office at Bagbazar, Kathmandu. All the assets including the emails, phone numbers, website etc. are also owned by Feedsmandu Studios Pvt. Ltd. and services are provided from its team members and office premises including Customer Care, Feature Upgrade, Registrations, Renewals etc.